Disclaimer and stuff

This blog may contain a lot of things regarding software design/architecture, best practices, recommendations, code examples, concepts, trending ideas, opinions and valuable discussions.

But don’t be fooled: Nobody is perfect. Trust no one. People make mistakes, technologies change, needs change, best-practices change, even good designs become obsolete, each situation is different for each person/company. If you ever decide to utilize anything from this blog for whatever purpose, you’d be by your own. Expect no support from my part (unless, of course, you are willing to pay me crazy amounts of money).

There are no silver bullets: what’s perfectly good for someone can be pretty bad for other. Things found within this blog should be a good start so that you can continue doing your own research and get your problem fixed. They will rarely be production-ready; they also will rarely cover systems that get hit a trillion times per second (so, don’t expect to find here how to build Google from scratch or something)

If you ever find issues on my code and you already know the fix, feel free to contact me so I can make the correction. Same thing for misspelling or misleading sentences (just keep in mind that English is not my mother language).

I’m very open to ideas, discussions, corrections and such, but not to offenses. If you ever put aggressive and/or offensive comments, I will delete them (no questions asked).

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